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Birthdate:Jun 13

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[adult swim], a chorus line, a goofy movie, abortion rights, acting, aladdin, alice in wonderland, america's next top model, american dad, animals, animation, apple, arrested development, art, audrey hepburn, autumn, avenue q, ballet, birds, breakfast at tiffany's, broadway, bubblegum, buddha, buddhism, camp crystal lake, candy, cartoons, cats, chicago, chocolate, city life, classic hollywood, classical music, clothes, colours, comic books, computers, cookies, creative writing, cute things, decora, disney, disney world, dogs, donald duck, drabbles, drawing, dressing up, elephants, fantasia, feminism, frank sinatra, freddy krueger, frogs, funny face, gay marriage, golden retrievers, goofy, grease, greenpeace, halloween, hunchback of notre dame, ice cream, internet, ipod, ipods, italy, jazz music, john coltrane, judy garland, kingdom hearts, kingdom hearts 2, kristen chenoweth, lady and the tramp, liberals, lions, livejournal, message boards, mickey mouse, mulan, music, musicals, my fair lady, new york, nintendo, peace, peter pan, photography, pink, pixar, pop culture, pretty in pink, pride and prejudice, pro-choice, rats, reading, rent, robert englund, robin williams, rocky horror picture show, rodents, saxophones, shopping, singing, skittles, sleeping, smiling, snow white, soundtracks, south park, spongebob squarepants, stephen king, summer, sunflowers, television, terriers, the breakfast club, the lion king, the little mermaid, the simpsons, tokidoki, toy story, traditional animation, travel, video games, vintage, walt disney, walt disney world, whose line, wicked, wildlife, wizard of oz, writing
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